Twinset Tecline Regulator V2 Ice Tec1

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The set consists of:

  • 2x I stage V2 ICE
  • 2x II stage TEC1
  • 2x Bolt Snap 88mm
  • Rubber bungee for backup regulator
  • Tecline bag


  • LP 2,10m Proflex black
  • LP 0,61m Proflex black
  • HP 0,60m Miflex black
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Scuba Diving Tecline Regulator V2 ICE TEC1 & SPG

Dive Into the Depths with Confidence:

Embark on your next underwater adventure with the Scuba Diving Tecline Regulator V2 ICE TEC1, the ultimate regulator set designed for both recreational and technical divers. Certified according to the rigorous EN250 A norm for cold water, this regulator set is not just equipment but a gateway to exploring the underwater world, even in the iciest conditions. Recommended for ice diving, it ensures reliability and performance when you need it most.

Product Features:

Certified Excellence

Enjoy peace of mind with the Tecline V2 ICE first stages, certified according to EN250 A norm for cold water. This makes them an ideal choice for divers venturing into colder environments, ensuring optimal performance under challenging conditions.

Ideal for Twinset Use

The set’s design allows for perfect hose routing in a double tank (twinset) configuration, minimizing the hassle of entanglements and streamlining your diving setup for a more enjoyable dive.

High-Quality Components

This set is comprised of 2 I stage V2 ICE and 2 II stage TEC1 regulators, known for their reliability and efficiency. The inclusion of high-quality Proflex and Miflex hoses (LP 2.10m, LP 0.61m, and HP 0.60m) ensures durability and flexibility under pressure.

Convenient Accessories

Complete with 2x Bolt Snap 88mm, a rubber bungee for secure backup regulator storage, and a durable Tecline bag, this set provides everything needed for a seamless diving experience.

Durable and Flexible Hoses

Featuring black Proflex and Miflex hoses, designed for durability and flexibility. These hoses facilitate optimal air flow and maneuverability under water, ensuring a smooth breathing experience at various depths.

Explore the V-Series

For more details on what sets the Tecline V-Series regulators apart, visit our website at Tecline Diving V-Series Regulators. Learn why many divers prefer Tecline for their underwater adventures.

Why Choose the Scuba Diving Tecline Regulator V2 ICE TEC1?

Whether you’re a seasoned ice diver or looking to expand your diving horizons, the Tecline Regulator V2 ICE TEC1 set offers unmatched performance, durability, and safety features. Its meticulous design ensures comfortable and secure hose routing for twinset users, enhancing your diving experience with every plunge.

Dive with confidence, knowing that your equipment meets the highest standards for cold-water diving. With the Tecline Regulator V2 ICE TEC1, you’re not just prepared for the next dive; you’re equipped to explore new depths.

Order Now

Ready to take your diving to the next level? Add the Scuba Diving Tecline Regulator V2 ICE TEC1 to your gear and discover why Tecline is the go-to choice for divers seeking reliability and performance under the sea. Shop now and get ready to dive into the unknown with confidence and style!

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