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Discover scuba diving is an introductory course that teaches you the basics of scuba diving. This course is for those who have no prior experience of underwater diving and who want to give scuba diving a try.

Try Scuba Diving With Our Introductory Course

The course covers theory and practical training, both in the pool and in open water. You will learn how to use the scuba diving equipment and how to breathe underwater. You’ll also learn how to equalise pressure, and how to move around effectively underwater.

Discover The Underwater World

Under the guidance of a professional instructor, you will experience the thrill of exploring the underwater world. Discovering beautiful marine life and unique ecosystem.

Learning to Scuba Diving

By the end of the course, you’ll understand the beauty of diving and take the next steps to become a certified diver.


Your skill will develop during the following:

  • 1 hour theory
  • 0.5 hour diving experience


Price includes:

  • All equipment

Not Included

The course does not cover the following:

  • Entrance fee for a quarries
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Who is The Try Scuba Diving Course For?

Everyone without exception! Those wanting to develop a new skill and feel comfortable in the water. Trying scuba diving is a great way to be at one of the underwater world.

Course Requirements

  • The minimum age is 12 years old.
  • Before participating in the course, you will need to fill out our medical questionnaire and registration form

What do I learn?

During the training, you will acquire various essential abilities, including:

  • Techniques to balance the pressure in your ears
  • Conduct safety checks with your diving partner
  • Regulate your buoyancy underwater
  • Communicate effectively while submerged

Additionally, you will receive a brief orientation on the basic gear we use in scuba diving. We follow this with a guided tour of the nearby pool or other aquatic locations.

How Will Trying Scuba Diving Benefit You?

Scuba diving is a great hobby and activity allowing you to explore more of the world around you.

Excitement and Experiences

Firstly, it gives you an opportunity to experience the thrill and excitement of scuba diving. It allows you to explore the underwater world, which is a unique and fascinating environment. This experience can inspire you to learn more about scuba diving. Uncovering its related activities, such as underwater photography and marine conservation.

Skills and Knowledge

Secondly, the course teaches you the basic skills required for scuba diving. It helps you become familiar with the diving equipment and the techniques to breathe underwater. This knowledge and experience can boost your confidence in the water. Making you more comfortable underwater, which is critical for a successful scuba diving experience.

Gateway To More Diving

Lastly, the course also provides an excellent gateway to other scuba diving courses. Continue your scuba diving education, it serves as a prerequisite for further advanced courses. You can build upon the skills and knowledge you gain during the Discover Scuba Diving Course. Improving to becoming a certified diver, enabling you to explore deeper and more challenging underwater environments.

Who Are No Gravity Divers

No Gravity-Divers is a company located in Daventry – Northamptonshire, specializing in recreational and technical diving. The company offers training, diving equipment, dive trips, and equipment servicing.

Diving Courses

No Gravity-Divers offers courses ranging from Discover Scuba Diving to advanced and technical courses. It is worth adding that the courses are in both Polish and English, depending on the student’s preference.

Diving Equipment

The company also sells diving equipment from well-known brands such as No Gravity, Tecline, Apeks, Hollis, and Xdeep.

View all of our products online here

Why No Gravity Divers?

The company is renowned for its extensive experience and passion for diving. Our instructor has been a professional diver since 2008, ensuring safety during training and dive trips. As well as the satisfaction of their clients.

No Gravity-Divers always prioritises the safety of their clients and the quality of services provided and equipment.

Additional information

Diving Options

Swimming pool, Local Quarry

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