Underwater Breathing Regulators – An Essential Piece of Diving Equipment

Achieve the ultimate in safety and comfort with our reliable TECLINE brand regulators. The breathing apparatus we offer is a key companion for every diver. Guaranteeing smooth and comfortable delivery of the breathing medium – essential under water.

Finding the Right Diving Regulator

It’s important to look for safety, quality and construction when buying a diving regulator.

Safety and Comfort with Your Own Diving Regulators

Having your own breathing regulator raises the level of safety and comfort. It also allows for individual configuration of diving equipment. The ability to independently choose the appropriate regulator design, tailored to your own needs and diving preferences, is invaluable. Moreover, personal hygiene, which is much better maintained when using your own regulator, is important.

High-Quality Breathing Apparatus at Attractive Prices

Modern TECLINE regulators available in our offer are a synonym for excellent quality. Even models from the lower price range allow for a breathing comfort that devices from 20 or 30 years ago couldn’t match.

Construction and Functioning of the Breathing Apparatus

Our breathing apparatus, commonly known as the “brain” of the diving set. It manages the pressure of the gas from the tank and delivers air or a gas mixture to the rest of the equipment. This also includes the jacket (wing) or drysuit.

Parts to a Diving Regulator

Each breathing apparatus consists of two main parts:

First Stage Diving Regulator

The first stage of the regulator, attached directly to the diving cylinder, performs the primary pressure reduction. Equipped with HP and LP ports, it allows for the connection of the second stage, a gauge, or hose to the inflator.

Check out our first stage regulators here.

Second Stage Diving Regulator

The second stage of the regulator, the part from which we breathe. Equipped with a mouthpiece and a breathing resistance regulation system, it reduces the gas pressure to ambient pressure.

View our selection of second stage regulators here.

Regulator Accessories

We have a range of accessories to help improve your regulator’s storage, usage and function. Discover our range of regulator accessories here.

Choose the Perfect Regulator

Whether you’re a fan of single-cylinder, twinset, or sidemount configurations we have the regulator for you. Our reliable brand TECLINE has ready-made factory sets to meet these needs.

We invite you to explore our range of underwater breathing regulators, designed to meet the expectations of modern divers. Contact us to choose the ideal model for you and enjoy diving with the highest level of control and comfort.

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