What is a Diving Regulator?

A diving regulator is a device that connects the scuba tank to the diver’s mouthpiece. It is the main piece of diving equipment that allows them to breathe underwater.

It consists of two main stages:

First Stage

the first stage and the second stage. The first stage attaches to the scuba tank and reduces the high pressure air to an intermediate pressure.

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Second Stage

The second stage is the mouthpiece that the diver breathes from. It further reduces the pressure to a level that is safe for the diver.

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Diving Regulator Accessories

In addition to the main stages of the diving regulator, there are also various accessories. These can enhance the performance and safety of the regulator. These include:

Octopus Holder

Alternate air sources, such as octopus regulators. This allow a diver to share air with their buddy in case of an emergency.

Other accessories include pressure gauges, which display the amount of air remaining in the tank. Diving computers, which monitor the diver’s depth and time underwater.

Who Are No Gravity Divers

No Gravity-Divers is a company located in Daventry – Northamptonshire, specializing in recreational and technical diving. The company offers training, diving equipment, dive trips, and equipment servicing.

Diving Courses

No Gravity-Divers offers courses ranging from Discover Scuba Diving to advanced and technical courses. It is worth adding that the courses are in both Polish and English, depending on the student’s preference.

Diving Equipment

The company also sells diving equipment from well-known brands such as No Gravity, Tecline, Apeks, Hollis, and Xdeep.

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Why No Gravity Divers?

The company is renowned for its extensive experience and passion for diving. Our instructor has been a professional diver since 2008, ensuring safety during training and dive trips. As well as the satisfaction of their clients.

No Gravity-Divers always prioritises the safety of their clients and the quality of services provided and equipment.