Underwater Navigator Diving Course

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Our underwater navigator dive course focus on helping you learn essential skills to navigate the underwater world safely. Every diver has a story of losing their way underwater, but with the right skills and knowledge, you can avoid this. Meaning you can be confident in such a situation and enjoy your diving experience.

What You’ll Learn From The Underwater Navigator Diving Course

During this course, you will learn the underwater navigation dive procedures, techniques, and planning.

Using a Compass

We will focus on teaching you the basics of compass navigation. As well as how to use natural underwater patterns as navigational aids.

Underwater Map Reading

With our expert instructors, you will further develop your compass navigation skills. You’ll even learn how to read a map underwater.

Planning Your Dives

By the end of this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to plan your dives better and navigate effectively underwater. Most importantly, avoid losing your way in the underwater environment. Our goal is to help you become a competent and confident diver. Allowing you to explore the underwater world safely and come back with exciting stories of your own.

Underwater Navigator Diving Course Process

We’ll develop your skills during the following:

  • 2 h in the classroom
  • 2 dives in open water

Price include:

  • certificate
  • PDF manual

Price does not include:

  • entry fee
  • cylinder fill fee
  • required student’s diving equipment
Underwater Navigation Diver
Underwater Navigation Diver 2

Who is our underwater navigator diving course for?

We developed this course for certified scuba divers who want to improve their underwater navigation skills. As well as become more confident and comfortable when diving in unfamiliar or challenging environments. Whether you’re an experienced diver or just starting, this course will provide valuable knowledge and skills. Allowing you to navigate underwater easily and confidently.

Course requirements

  • Minimum qualification: Open Water Sport Diver
  • Minimum age: 15 years (under 18s must have consent from parents or guardians)
  • Before participating in the course, you will need to complete a medical questionnaire and registration form

What do I learn?

During the course, you will learn about underwater navigation dive procedures, techniques, planning, and organisation.

Natural Navigation

We will introduce you to natural navigation. As well a underwater patterns, distance estimation, and further your compass navigation skills.

Navigation Tools

You will learn to use different navigation tools and techniques to orient yourself underwater. You’ll be able to maintain a sense of direction, even in low visibility or challenging conditions.

By the end of the course, you will be skills and confidence to navigate underwater.

How does this benefit you?

This underwater navigation course can be precious for any scuba diver, regardless of skill level or experience.

It will provide you with essential skills and knowledge to navigate underwater. Making navigation easy will help you feel confident and prevent you from becoming lost or disoriented. This can make your dives more enjoyable, relaxing, and safer.

Additionally, developing your underwater navigation skills can open up new dive sites and opportunities for exploration. You can confidently navigate and explore new underwater environments. Overall, this course is an excellent way to improve your diving skills, build confidence, and enhance your diving experience.

Who Are No Gravity Divers

No Gravity-Divers is a company located in Daventry – Northamptonshire, specializing in recreational and technical diving. The company offers training, diving equipment, dive trips, and equipment servicing.

Diving Courses

No Gravity-Divers offers courses ranging from Discover Scuba Diving to advanced and technical courses. It is worth adding that the courses are in both Polish and English, depending on the student’s preference.

Diving Equipment

The company also sells diving equipment from well-known brands such as No Gravity, Tecline, Apeks, Hollis, and Xdeep.

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Why No Gravity Divers?

The company is renowned for its extensive experience and passion for diving. Our instructor has been a professional diver since 2008, ensuring safety during training and dive trips. As well as the satisfaction of their clients.

No Gravity-Divers always prioritises the safety of their clients and the quality of services provided and equipment.

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