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Sidemount Diver Scuba Diving Course in the UK

 Our Sidemount Diving course in the UK is a comprehensive scuba diving training program. Teaches divers to use specialized scuba diving equipment in order to experience a unique diving style. As the name suggests, sidemount divers mount their tanks on their sides instead of their backs. This type of diving technique offers a number of benefits:

  • Increased safety – Two separate cylinders with easy access to valves
  • Flexibility – NO MORE walk with heavy cylinders
  • Reduced strain on the back – NO MORE heavy cylinders on your back
  • Improved streamlining

What You Learn From Our Sidemount Diver Course

Divers will learn everything they need to know about sidemount diving. Including safety protocol proper equipment use, and diving techniques.

Classroom Session

The course begins with classroom sessions. Where students will learn about the theory of sidemount diving. Then move on to develop practical skills during pool sessions.

Open-Water Training

Once students are comfortable with these skills, they will complete open-water training dives. This is where they can put theory and practice together in a beautiful and peaceful underwater setting.

Understanding The Principles of Sidemount Diving

Students will have gained a deep understanding of the principles and techniques of sidemount diving. They will feel confident and capable in using this style of diving. They will have added a unique and valuable skill to their diving repertoire.

Skill Development

We will develop your skills using the following processes:

  • 6 hours of theory + equipment configuration
  • 4 dives in open water

Price includes

Within your course we will over:

  • certificate
  • PDF manual

Not Included

We do not cover the following during your course:

  • entry fee
  • cylinder fill fee
  • required student’s diving equipment
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Advanced Nitrox Decompression Diver 45 meters

Who is this course for?

The PSAI Basic Sidemount course at the Open Water level is for anyone wanting to learn how to use two cylinders. Particularly two cylinders in the sidemount configuration when performing open water dives. This course is suitable for both recreational and technical divers. It is a great option for those who are looking to expand their diving skills and knowledge.

Course requirements

In order to take part in our sidemount diving course you will need to have the following:

  • Minimum qualification Open Water Sport Diver
  • Minimum 15 years old (under 18 parents or guardian must have consent)
  • At least 30 recorded open water dives
  • Before participating in the course, you will need to complete a medical questionnaire and registration form

For more support or if you have any questions regarding the requirements please get in touch with us.

What do I learn?

The course is an incredible learning experience. You will cover and learn a range of diving skills, including:

Equipment Set-Up

You will learn how to properly set up and configure your sidemount diving gear. Including attaching tanks, regulators, and other necessary equipment.

Buoyancy Control

You will learn techniques for maintaining control of buoyancy while diving in sidemount configuration. Including proper trim and body positioning.

Diving Techniques

You will learn specific diving techniques that are unique to sidemount diving. Including how to efficiently maneuver through tight spaces in overhead environments. As well as how to enter and exit the water with a sidemount configuration.

Emergency Procedures

You will learn emergency procedures specific to sidemount diving. Including how to handle equipment malfunctions and how to perform emergency ascents.

Dive Planning

You will learn how to plan and execute safe and effective sidemount dives. Including how to calculate dive time limits and decompression stops.

By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of the principles and techniques of sidemount diving. You will have the skills necessary to safely and confidently dive in this unique configuration.

How does this benefit you?

The Sidemount Diver course can offer several benefits to you as a certified scuba diver, including:

Increased versatility

By learning how to dive in sidemount configuration, you will be able to experience new types of diving environments. These may not be accessible with traditional back-mounted tanks. This can give you the ability to explore tighter and more confined underwater spaces with ease.

Improved comfort and mobility

Sidemount diving can offer improved comfort and flexibility underwater. This is because tanks mounted on the side do not restrict your range of motion or put strain on your back and shoulders. This can help you conserve energy while diving and reduce the risk of injury.

Enhanced buoyancy control

Sidemount diving can help you achieve better overall buoyancy control. This is because the placement of tanks is adjustable to fine-tune your trim and balance in the water. Additionally, diving in sidemount can help you maintain better stability when hovering and ascending or descending underwater.

Expanded dive possibilities

Learning to dive in sidemount configuration gives you the potential to participate in new diving activities and expeditions that may require sidemount configuration.

Overall, the Sidemount Diver course can offer you new skills, greater confidence, and expanded possibilities to your diving adventures.

What is Side Mount Diving?

Sidemount scuba diving is a equipment configuration where the diver wears one or two cylinders. They mount alongside their body, rather than on their back as in the traditional back-mounted configuration.

Benefits of Side Mount Diving

This setup offers many benefits of diving, such as:

  • Improved streamlining
  • Easier access to valves and regulators
  • Enhanced manoeuvrability in tight spaces, particularly in cave diving or technical diving environments.
  • Sidemount diving also allows for better distribution of weight
  • Improve new diving skills
  • One of specialty for advanced open water diver

All this makes sidemount diving a popular choice among scuba divers. Particularly who prefer a more streamlined and balanced diving experience.

Is Sidemount Diving For You?

If you meet the requirements above and have an interest in sidemount diving then yes you should. Being an open water diver and having the equipment option to sidemount diving is an incredible experience. Designed specifically for sidemount training we can prepare you for enter the world of sidemount training.

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