Advanced Nitrox Course – Decompression Diver 45 meters

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The PSAI Advanced Nitrox Diver (45 meters) course is perfect for divers who are eager to enhance their knowledge and skills. Those looking to handling nitrox mixtures with more than 40% oxygen content.

Who is the Advanced Nitrox Diving Course for?

This course is ideal for certified divers who are curious about exploring the world of technical diving. Those wishing to further their education in this field. By enrolling in Advanced Nitrox Diving Course, divers will expand their understanding of advanced nitrox concepts. They will also extend bottom time spend in the water.

Design of the Advanced Nitrox Diving Course

The course is specifically to equip divers with the necessary know-how and expertise to safely utilize nitrox gas. Using nitrox gas mixtures with oxygen concentrations of up to 100% for decompression purposes. Join this course and unlock a whole new level of diving adventures!

Advanced Nitrox Diving Course Info

Yours will develop skills in diving during the following:

  • 6h of theory
  • 2 Days – 4dives (x3 with decompression)

No Included in the Price

Price does not include:

  • Entrance fee for a quarries
  • cylinder fill fee
  • required student’s diving equipment
  • travel fee if needed & the instructor’s stay costs
Advanced Nitrox Decompression Diver 45 meters
Advanced Nitrox Decompression Diver 45 meters 6
Advanced Nitrox Decompression Diver 45 meters 8

Who is Advanced Nitrox Diving Course for?

The course is for divers who looking to expand their knowledge of decompression theory. Those looking for diving techniques and for those who are interested in extending their bottom time

Course requirements

  • Minimum diver age is 18 years.
  • Each candidate must have the following qualifications:
    • Rescue, Accident Prevention & Intervention Diver
    • Advanced Buoyancy Control
    • Logged 50 dives.
  • Before participating in the course, you will need to complete a medical questionnaire and registration form

What do I learn?

Decompression dive planning including:

  • Decompression gas choices
  • Tables vs. personal dive computers
  • Emergency and contingency planning (equipment failure, omitted decompression, etc.)
  • Decompression diving procedures
  • Equipment selection
  • Pre-dive checks and drills
  • Stress analysis and mitigation
  • Following a decompression schedule
  • Gas switching
  • Team awareness and communication
  • SMB/lift bag deployment
  • Proper trim, buoyancy and finning techniques
  • Emergency procedures (equipment failures, catastrophic gas loss, omitted decompression, navigational errors, etc.)
  • Equipment considerations, cylinder labeling, analyzing nitrox mixtures, and gas blending procedures

How does this benefit you?

Completing the Advanced Nitrox course offers several benefits to divers:

Enhanced Safety:

The course provides divers with a deeper understanding of decompression theory and gas management. As well as diving techniques, resulting in safer diving practices. This knowledge enables divers to better plan and execute dives. Reducing the risk of decompression sickness and other diving-related accidents.

Extended Bottom Time:

By learning to use nitrox gas mixtures with higher oxygen content, divers can extend their bottom time. Nitrox allows for longer dives compared to diving with regular air. This is because it reduces the amount of nitrogen absorbed by the body.

Increased Dive Flexibility:

The ability to use nitrox gas mixtures opens up more dive sites and opportunities. With proper training, divers can safely explore deeper depths and stay underwater for longer durations. Allowing them to take advantage of the increased safety margins provided by nitrox.

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