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Introducing the ultimate addition to your dive gear – the 90 Degree Fixed Swivel Adaptor for the second stage regulator. This expertly designed adaptor is engineered to elevate your diving experience by enhancing comfort and flexibility.

Product Features:

– **Enhanced Hose Movement**: The 90-degree angle of the adaptor enables your hose to drop directly down from the mouthpiece, allowing for more natural head and neck movement during your dive.

– **Reduced Jaw Fatigue**: By creating an optimal angle for your mouthpiece, the adaptor minimizes strain on your jaw, significantly reducing the risk of jaw fatigue on long dives.

– **Quality Material**: Crafted from durable, corrosion-resistant materials, this swivel adaptor withstands the demanding conditions of the underwater environment, ensuring reliability dive after dive.

– **Easy Installation**: The adaptor is designed to be compatible with most second stage regulators, making it a breeze to install so you can get back in the water with minimal downtime.

– **Secure Connection**: Its precise threading and secure fit provide a firm connection between your regulator and hose, ensuring a continuous and uninterrupted air supply.

– **Compact Design**: Its streamlined, low-profile design reduces drag and makes it an inconspicuous addition to your dive setup.

Whether you’re exploring coral reefs or shipwrecks, the 90 Degree Fixed Swivel Adaptor is an essential tool for divers seeking to optimize their setup for maximum performance and comfort. With this simple yet effective upgrade, you can enhance your underwater adventure and focus on the beauty of the depths.

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