Sidemount Regulator Set Tecline R2 Tec2

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The set consists of:

  • 2x I stage R2 TEC
  • 2x II stage TEC2
  • 2x SPG 52mm
  • Bolt-snap 88mm
  • Tecline bag (oval)


  • LP 1,93m Proflex black*
  • LP 0,65m Proflex black*
  • 2x HP 0,20m *


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 Sidemount Regulator Set

Tecline R2 Tec2

Dive into the realm of sidemount diving with the unmatched quality and performance of the Tecline Regulator R2 Tec2 Sidemount Set. This premium set is specifically tailored for the unique needs of sidemount divers, offering unparalleled reliability, comfort, and customization options. Whether you’re exploring the depths of a cavern or navigating through the remains of a sunken ship, this regulator set will be your trusted companion in every underwater adventure.

Product Features:

Designed for Sidemount Divers Embrace the freedom of sidemount diving with a regulator set crafted to excellence. This set provides a streamlined configuration, enhancing flexibility and accessibility to your gas supply without compromising on performance. The sidemount regulator kit delivers everything a diver needs for sidemount breathing with ease and precision.

Complete Regulator System Equipped with 2x first stage R2 Tec and 2x second stage Tec2 regulators with a rotating turret, this sidemount set combines superior breathing comfort with a robust design to stand up to the challenges of extensive diving in diverse environments. The unique over-balanced diaphragm design allows the medium pressure gas to increase as the diver descends, ensuring optimal performance. Additionally, the environmental dry system prevents water from entering the main spring chamber, reducing the risk of freezing in cold water.

First Stage Tecline R2 The Tecline R2 first stage regulator is designed with an over-balancing feature that allows the medium pressure gas to increase as the diver descends, delivering peak performance at any depth. The rotating turret and multiple low-pressure ports allow for an optimal hose configuration, ensuring flexibility and comfort in any sidemount setup.

Second Stage Tecline Tec2 The second stage Tec2 regulator is known for its advanced diaphragm design, which provides effortless breathing under all conditions. It features a large venturi lever for easy adjustments and a 2-stage progressive purge on the side for controlled clearing. The front cover with over-moulded elastomer, large protective elastomer bumpers, and brass plate improve durability against impacts and scratches in vulnerable places.

Learn more about R2 & TEC2 regulators.

Precision Monitoring Ensure accurate gas management with 2x SPG 52mm gauges, delivering clear and immediate readings of your tank pressures. This feature is essential for safe and enjoyable sidemount diving.

Flexible and Durable Hoses The set comes with LP 1.93m and LP 0.65m Proflex black hoses, along with 2x HP 0.20m hoses, designed for durability and flexibility. Customize your setup by choosing the color, length, and type of hoses to suit your diving preferences. The hoses are braided for added protection and longevity.

Added Conveniences Each set includes a bolt-snap 88mm for secure and easy attachment of your equipment and an oval Tecline bag for organized transport and protection of your regulator set.

Standard Compliant Certified according to EN250A CE1463, this regulator set meets the high standards for underwater breathing apparatus, ensuring both safety and quality for sidemount divers.

Customize Your Regulator Set:

With the Tecline Regulator R2 Tec2 Sidemount Set, you have the freedom to tailor your equipment to your specific needs and preferences. Choose your color, length, and type of hoses to perfectly fit your diving style and requirements.

Why Choose This Set?

If you’re a sidemount diver looking for a regulator set that combines high performance, adaptability, and comfort, this is the ultimate choice for you. It reflects a commitment to quality and innovation, designed to elevate your diving experience to new heights.

High-Performance Features:

  • Rotating Turret: Ensures better hose orientation and configuration.
  • Environmental Dry System: Enhances cold water performance by preventing ice formation.
  • Large Venturi Lever: Allows for easy airflow adjustments under water.
  • 2-Stage Progressive Purge: Offers precise control for regulator clearing.
  • Elastomer Bumpers: Protect against scratches and impacts in the most vulnerable places.

Advanced Breathing Technology:

  • Over-Balanced Diaphragm Design: Allows the medium pressure gas in the hose to increase as the diver descends, ensuring excellent performance at all depths.
  • Heat Exchanger: Dissipates cold, reducing the risk of free flow.
  • Patented High-Performance Design: Ensures a smooth, stress-free breathing experience under all conditions.


Regular maintenance and servicing of scuba diving regulators are important to ensure their safe and optimal performance. Authorized service technicians at No Gravity Divers are qualified to inspect, clean, and service TECLINE regulators to keep them in excellent condition and extend their warranty up to 10 years.

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