Spool with spinner 15m & 30m

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Diving Spool 

Explore the Depths with TECLINE’s Spool 15m or 30m

Discover the ultimate tool for smooth underwater navigation with the TECLINE Spool with Spinner, available in both 15m and 30m options. Engineered for reliability and ease of use, this spool is a must-have for every diving expedition.


Designed with a built-in bearing spinner, the TECLINE Spool ensures effortless handling during deployment. This feature eliminates the risk of losing grip when deploying an SMB (Surface Marker Buoy), offering divers peace of mind in critical moments.


– Line Length: Available in 30m

– Rotating Swivel: Prevents line twisting, maintaining smooth unwinding and retrieval

– Yellow Safety Line: Includes 5m of bright yellow line for clear visibility during safety stops

– Stainless Steel Double-Ender: A durable 100mm stainless steel double-ender is included for secure attachment

Whether you’re mapping out underwater caves or marking ascent points, the TECLINE Spool with Spinner is your trusted companion for precision and reliability in every dive. Equip yourself with the best — order yours today and dive deeper with confidence.

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15m, 30m

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