No Gravity Uk - drysuits & thermal protection

Diving suits & thermal undergarments

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No Gravity company has been producing diving apparel for over 10 years. The owners of the company are Magda and Rafał, who passionately provide us with products that perform excellently during all types of dives. As Rafał is an experienced diver himself, it helps in designing very comfortable and durable products. The company is based in Poland, and No Gravity products are sold in many countries, including Belgium, France, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, through local distributors.

No Gravity Uk - drysuits & thermal protection

No Gravity-Divers is the distributor for the United Kingdom, where customers can purchase any of the products offered by the No Gravity brand. All products are made to order, which means that dry suits can be personalized in terms of colors to stand out underwater. Moreover, they are custom-made for each individual, ensuring a perfect fit for maximum comfort.


No Gravity Uk - drysuits & thermal protection
No Gravity Uk - drysuits & thermal protection
No Gravity Uk - drysuits & thermal protection


The flagship product of No Gravity is the Traveler drysuit, a model that has been popular for about 10 years. The Traveler is designed for all types of diving and includes all the features that a dry suit should have for safe and comfortable diving. The material is lightweight and has a modern look. The ergonomic design allows for optimal fit of the wetsuit to the user's body shape. It is available in a wide range of colors: black, navy, royal blue, red, yellow, and olive. The Traveler model can also come in mixed color options such as black-blue, black-red, red-blue, black-yellow, black-navy, and black-green. You can also personalize your dry suit by choosing the colors of the trims, patches, and pocket grips.

No Gravity Uk - drysuits & thermal protection


The Prime model was introduced into production in 2020. It is a high-quality dry suit that presents optimal textile solutions designed for extremely extreme conditions. It is lightweight yet extremely durable. It is characterized by exceptional craftsmanship and quality. It combines the lightweight feature of the Traveler with the durability of the Professional, and is additionally reinforced with nylon fabric in critical areas. This combination of fabrics and construction significantly improves diving comfort and enhances its reliability. It is a drysuit dedicated to all types of diving, with special consideration given to technical, cave, and wreck diving. It also performs excellently in recreational and sports diving, as well as in side mount configurations. There is also the option of personalizing the drysuit by selecting colors.

No Gravity Uk - drysuits & thermal protection


This is the latest drysuit designed specifically for individuals who don't want to part with their gear. The drysuit was launched in 2023. Its unique feature is its weight of just 1.2kg, and it can be compactly folded to fit within a quarter of a carry-on bag. It is designed to provide great comfort while also being incredibly durable, making it suitable for challenging dives like cave diving or wreck diving.

It is available in several colors: red, blue, and olive, which can be customized to create a unique drysuit, as is the case with all models.

No Gravity Uk - drysuits & thermal protection


The No Gravity Professional drysuit has been specially designed for divers who require a highly durable suit. Made of cordura, this dry suit provides exceptional toughness, making it an ideal choice for divers operating in the most challenging conditions.

The Professional model is available in various colors such as black, red, blue, as well as black-red and blue-red color combinations. This allows divers to choose a suit color that best suits their preferences and style. The black suit model may be suitable for those who prefer a classic and elegant aesthetic, while the red or blue model can add a touch of boldness and color to a diver's equipment.

Regardless of the chosen color, the No Gravity Professional dry suit ensures reliable underwater protection.

Thermal protection

To achieve complete thermal comfort, we also need undersuit, thermal underwear, gloves, and socks. The No Gravity brand has also taken care to meet these requirements as best as possible.

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The Sea Lion series is a range of thermal layers that are highly popular among divers worldwide. Only materials from the renowned manufacturer, Polartec®, have been used for this series. It consists of three different thermal layers, each carefully designed to suit individual preferences. With each successive model in the Sea Lion series, an additional layer of Polartec® material has been added, enhancing the thermal properties of the thermal layer. All fabrics used in the Sea Lion series are stretchable, ensuring a snug fit and providing maximum comfort without restricting movement.


Sea Lion light
Waters temperatures above 20 degrees

Sea Lion
Waters temperatures above 8 degrees

Sea Lion Plus
Waters temperatures above 0-2 degrees

No Gravity Uk - drysuits & thermal protection

Base layer

It is ideal for use as an additional thermal protection layer during long dives in cold waters. When combined with a properly selected undergarment for a drysuit, it ensures a high level of thermal comfort.

No Gravity Uk - drysuits & thermal protection

Inner gloves

Winter gloves made of Polartec® Thermal Pro® material. They are excellent as warming gloves for diving in cold waters, as well as during the autumn-winter season. Made of Polartec® Thermal Pro® material. Polartec® Thermal Pro® fabrics breathe exceptionally well, while being 4 times more wind-resistant than traditional knitted fabrics. This new "super polar" provides an extremely wide range of protection, functioning as both an outer layer and an insulating layer, while offering exceptional durability.

No Gravity Uk - drysuits & thermal protection


Winter socks made of Polartec® Wind Pro® material. They are excellent for diving in cold waters year-round. Constructed with a dual-layer design, they provide excellent breathability and significantly better thermal comfort compared to socks made from other fabrics.

If you are looking for a drysuits that will meet your highest expectations, the No Gravity drysuits is an excellent choice.

All the products mentioned above are available in our online store, and there is also the option to try out them before making a purchase.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to find the perfect product that meets all your requirements.