Tecline Donut Special Edition

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Tecline Donut Special Edition Wing for Technical Twinset Diving


Experience unparalleled stability and comfort during your deep-sea explorations with the Tecline Donut Special Edition. Designed specifically for divers who use a twinset configuration, this high-performance wing supports a range of cylinder sizes from 2 x 10L to 2 x 15L. With a thoughtful design that optimizes equipment configuration and diver safety, the Tecline Donut is the perfect companion for your underwater adventures.

Key Features:

Double Layer Wing with 22L Capacity:

Designed to support demanding technical dives, this robust wing system ensures optimal lift and buoyancy control, even in challenging conditions.

Durable Construction:

Built with an inner bladder made of PU-420V and an ultra-resistant outer shell crafted from Cordura 1000D to withstand harsh underwater environments.

Ergonomic Design:

The narrow profile at the top facilitates better access to valves and comfortable hose management, ensuring a more efficient and stress-free diving experience.

Advanced Buoyancy Control:

With the inflator input strategically placed at the top central part and a lower dump valve on the edge, divers can easily achieve precise buoyancy adjustments.

Customizable Setup:

Two rows of tank screw holes allow for versatile configurations, adapting effortlessly to your preferred cylinder setup.

Extended Warranty:

The Tecline Donut Special Edition comes with a generous 5-year warranty on both the bladder and valves, affirming its high quality and durability.

Color Variety:

Available in multiple colors, allowing divers to personalize their gear and stand out underwater.

Recommended for: 2 x 10L, 2 x 12L and 2x 15L sets.

What is a Buoyancy Control Device?

A buoyancy control device, also known as a BCD, is a piece of equipment worn by scuba divers. It helps them control their buoyancy while underwater. It is essentially a vest a diver wears over the scuba tank and has an air bladder that inflates or deflates to change buoyancy. The BCD also has straps and buckles to secure the tank and other equipment, as well as pockets for storing small items.

How Does a Buoyancy Control Device Work?

The air bladder in a BCD connects to the diver’s air tank through a low-pressure inflator hose. By pressing a button on the inflator hose, the diver can add air to the bladder, making them more buoyant.

To decrease buoyancy, the diver releases air from the bladder through a dump valve on the shoulder or lower back of the BCD. This allows the diver to achieve neutral buoyancy, where they are neither sinking or floating. This can easily control their depth and movement underwater.

Which configurations are suitable for using a BCD or Wing?

Every dive requires the use of a buoyancy control device. Namely, each tank configuration setup (backmount or sidemount) will use a specially designed harness and bag.

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Donut 17, Donut 22


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