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Dive into the depths with confidence and ease using the Donut Special Edition 22 DIR Set, designed for both novice and experienced divers seeking a reliable and robust for Twinset setup. This set is tailored to meet the rigorous demands of technical diving while providing comfort and stability in any underwater environment.

Set Components:

  • Wing: Donut 22 Special Edition Embrace the exceptional buoyancy and streamline diving experience with the Donut 22 Special Edition wing. Its donut-shaped design ensures even air distribution, allowing for better trim and buoyancy control underwater. The durable material resists wear and provides a long life span, making it a trustworthy choice for any dive.
  • Backplate: Standard 3mm Stainless Steel The core of any good dive setup, our sturdy 3mm stainless steel backplate, offers unmatched durability and stability. It is designed to resist the harsh marine environment while providing a solid foundation for the mounting of scuba components. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort throughout your dive.
  • Harness: DIR, Standard Webbing This DIR-approved standard webbing harness is built for simplicity and reliability, adhering to the DIR philosophy of minimalism and functionality. It features adjustable straps to accommodate divers of all sizes and allows for a custom fit, optimizing comfort and control.
  • Tecline Transport Bag Carry your diving gear in style and with ease using the Tecline Transport Bag. Specially designed to hold the entire Donut Special Edition 22 DIR Set, this bag offers convenient compartments and robust construction to protect your gear during transit and storage.

The DONUT SPECIAL EDITION 22 DIR SET is your comprehensive solution for advanced diving adventures, ensuring performance, comfort, and durability in a sleek package. Whether exploring coral reefs or venturing into wrecks, this Twinset set will elevate your diving experience.

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What is a Buoyancy Control Device?

A buoyancy control device, also known as a BCD, is a piece of equipment worn by scuba divers. It helps them control their buoyancy while underwater. It is essentially a vest a diver wears over the scuba tank and has an air bladder that inflates or deflates to change buoyancy. The BCD also has straps and buckles to secure the tank and other equipment, as well as pockets for storing small items.

How Does a Buoyancy Control Device Work?

The air bladder in a BCD connects to the diver’s air tank through a low-pressure inflator hose. By pressing a button on the inflator hose, the diver can add air to the bladder, making them more buoyant.

To decrease buoyancy, the diver releases air from the bladder through a dump valve on the shoulder or lower back of the BCD. This allows the diver to achieve neutral buoyancy, where they are neither sinking or floating. This can easily control their depth and movement underwater.

Which configurations are suitable for using a BCD or Wing?

Every dive requires the use of a buoyancy control device. Namely, each tank configuration setup (backmount or sidemount) will use a specially designed harness and bag.

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