Wreck Diving Course

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Who is Wreck Diving Course For?

This course is perfect for adventurous and experienced divers. Those Divers interested in exploring the mysterious world of wreck diving.

Our Wreck Diving Course Instructors

Our instructor will guide you through the theoretical and practical aspects of wreck diving. Including proper planning, safety procedures, and equipment considerations. You’ll also learn how to navigate and explore shipwrecks, as well as how to identify hazards and potential risks.

Challenging and Rewarding

This course will challenge you physically and mentally. However, it will also reward you with unforgettable experiences and the satisfaction of mastering new skills. You’ll get to explore scenic and historic wrecks, and discover the unique marine life that thrives in these conditions.

Gain Skills & Confidence

Whether you’re a seasoned diver seeking a new challenge, or a curious newcomer to the world of scuba diving. This course will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to dive confidently and safely. Exploring wrecks and cold water environments.

Enroll now in our Wreck Diver in Cold Water Environment course and join the ranks of certified wreck divers!

Skills Developed

We will develop your wreck diving skills during the following:

  • 3 hours of theory
  • 2-4 dives in open water
  • minimum 2 dives on shipwrecks form boat


Price include:

  • certificate
  • PDF manual

No Included

Price does not include:

  • Entrance fee for a quarries
  • cylinder fill fee
  • required student’s diving equipment
  • diving trip cost
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Who is this wreck diving course for?

This course is for scuba divers who are interested in exploring the world of wreck diving. It is ideal for divers who already have a basic scuba diving certification course. Also for divers with some experience of diving in open water environments.

The course is also suitable for divers who are want to learn new skills and techniques to expand their diving abilities. As well as who enjoy a physical and mental challenge, and who are have interests in exploring the unique marine life. As well as historical artefacts that wrecks in cold water environments allow.

Course requirements

  • Minimum qualification: Open Water Sport Diver
  • Minimum age: 15 years (under 18 will need consent from parents or guardian)
  • Before participating in the course, you will be need to complete a medical questionnaire and registration form.

What do I learn?

During the Wreck Diver in Cold Water Environment course, you’ll learn a variety of new skills and techniques. These will enhance your diving abilities and enable you to safely and confidently explore wrecks. Some of the specific topics covered in the course include:


Proper planning and preparation for wreck dives, including equipment considerations and safety procedures


Techniques for navigating and exploring shipwrecks, including how to penetrate them using line and reels


Safety considerations when diving in wrecks. Such as how to avoid entanglement hazards and how to safely exit the wreck in an emergency


Techniques for using a decompression buoy and managing decompression stops during wreck dives

Current Diving

How to dive safely in currents, including techniques for managing buoyancy and propulsion in challenging conditions

Throughout the course, you’ll also learn about the unique marine life and historical artefacts. These are typically the wrecks in colder water environments. This will ensure that you’re respecting and preserving the wrecks and their surrounding ecosystems.

How does this benefit you?

Completing the Wreck diving course in Cold Water Environment offers several benefits:

Enhanced Diving Skills:

You’ll learn new techniques and skills that will improve your diving abilities. Such as how to navigate and explore wrecks safely, use a decompression buoy and manage decompression stops. As well as how to dive in currents, and penetrate wrecks using line and reels.

Safer Diving:

Safety is a primary focus of the course, and you’ll learn important safety procedures and considerations. Particularly when diving in wrecks and in cold water. This includes how to avoid entanglement hazards and how to properly manage your equipment. As well as how to safely exit the wreck in case of an emergency.

Access to New Adventures:

Completing the course will open the door to new diving experiences. As you’ll now be qualified to explore the exciting world of wrecks and discover the unique marine life. as well as underwater historical artefacts.

Personal Challenge:

The course offers a physical and mental challenge and can be a rewarding personal accomplishment.

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