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On the final days of our vacation, we decided to go to the amazing Portkerris Diving in Cornwall with our friends.

Porthkerris is a beautiful secluded cove tucked away on the eastern side of the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall. It has close proximity to some of the best shore and boat diving the U.K has to offer, which makes it a truly unmissable dive location. Our goal for the trip was to have a great time in good company and enjoy exploring a new diving spot.

We spent several days diving in the colorful reefs along the British coast, seeking out all forms of underwater life. We had the opportunity to admire seals (unfortunately only lounging on the rocks at the water's surface), crabs, starfish, jellyfish, and even species of sharks. Evenings were spent having conversations around the grill and bonfire. Everyone was pleased with our trip, and I hope we can repeat it next year with an even larger group.

It was truly an unforgettable diving trip with fantastic people in a charming location. I highly recommend Portkerris Diving in Cornwall as an excellent place for diving and spending time with fellow underwater enthusiasts.

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''End of summer'' - trip to Cornwall
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