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Rescue Diving Course

The Rescue diving course is a comprehensive scuba diving course. It helps individuals develop the necessary skills and knowledge to become a proficient rescue diver. During the course, students will learn how to recognise and prevent potential diving accidents. As well as how to respond effectively in case of a diving emergency.

Hands-on Training

This course provides hands-on training and practical experience. It equips students with the confidence needed to perform effective rescue operations. It includes topics such as self-rescue, recognising and managing stress in other divers. As well as emergency management and equipment, and rescue procedures for a variety of diving scenarios.

Who is the Rescue Diving Course for?

The Rescue diving course is perfect for certified divers who wish to enhance their diving skills. As well as gain valuable experience in the art of rescue diving. It is also an essential prerequisite for those looking to pursue a career as a recreational diving professional.

Completing the Course

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to identify and respond to emergency situations. As well as perform effective rescue techniques, and administer first aid to injured divers. This course provides a solid foundation for further advancement in the field of scuba diving. Offering a rewarding experience of personal growth.

Course Details

Yours skill will develop during the following:

  • 3-4 hours of theory
  • 2 days in open water


Price include:

  • certificate
  • PDF manual

Not Included

Price does not include:

  • entry fee
  • cylinder fill fee
No gravity divers with no background

Who is the rescue diving course for?

The Rescue diving course is for certified divers who want to enhance their diving skills. Those gaining valuable experience in the art of rescue diving. This course is suitable for the divers who wish to pursue a career as a recreational diving professional. Such as divemasters and instructors, but is also beneficial for anyone who wants participate in technical courses.

Course requirements

  • Minimum qualification: Advanced Water Sport Diver
  • Minimum age: 15 years (under 18s need parents or guardian consent)
  • At least 40 recorded open water dives
  • Before participating in the course, you will need to complete a medical questionnaire and registration form

What do I learn?

After completing the Rescue Diver course, students will learn how to recognize potential diving accidents and prevent them. They will also learn to identify problems and provide assistance to simulated distressed divers. Such as those experiencing difficulty in breathing, exhaustion, leg cramps, and mild panic.

Techniques and skills

They will learn rescue techniques, such as discovering and recovering an unconscious diver from 5 meters. Towing them to the shore or boat, and extracting them from the water. Students will also learn the necessary skills to perform effective rescue operations and administer first aid to injured divers.

Conduct rescue operations

By the end of the course, you will have techniques to efficiently and safely conduct rescue operations. Giving them the confidence and knowledge they need to become proficient rescue divers.

How does this benefit you?

The Rescue diving course offers several benefits to students.

Firstly, it equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to recognise potential diving accidents. Allowing them to respond effectively in case of a diving emergency. As a result, this training provides students with a sense of confidence and security. Allowing them to keep themselves and others safe while diving.

Furthermore, this course enhances students’ existing diving skills. Gaining valuable experience in the art of rescue diving. This experience can be apply to various settings, including:

  • Recreational diving with family and friends
  • As a recreational diving professional

Additionally, successful completion of the Rescue diving course enables students to pursue advanced training opportunities. Developing as dive professionals or technical, (such as the Divemaster certification).

Overall, the Rescue diving course offers students both personal and professional growth. Expanding their knowledge and skills, empowering them to confidently and safely engage in various diving activities. Opening doors to further diving-related career opportunities.

Who Are No Gravity Divers

No Gravity-Divers is a company located in Daventry – Northamptonshire, specializing in recreational and technical diving. The company offers training, diving equipment, dive trips, and equipment servicing.

Diving Courses

No Gravity-Divers offers courses ranging from Discover Scuba Diving to advanced and technical courses. It is worth adding that the courses are in both Polish and English, depending on the student’s preference.

Diving Equipment

The company also sells diving equipment from well-known brands such as No Gravity, Tecline, Apeks, Hollis, and Xdeep.

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Why No Gravity Divers?

The company is renowned for its extensive experience and passion for diving. Our instructor has been a professional diver since 2008, ensuring safety during training and dive trips. As well as the satisfaction of their clients.

No Gravity-Divers always prioritises the safety of their clients and the quality of services provided and equipment.

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