Stage Set Tecline Regulator R2 Tec1 With SPG

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The set consists of:

  • I stage R2 TEC
  • II stage TEC1
  • Tecline bag


  • LP 1,00m Proflex black
  • HP 0,20m Proflex black
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I’d like to introduce you to an exceptional piece of equipment that stands out in the world of underwater exploration: the TECLINE REGULATOR R2 TEC1 WITH SPG, STAGE SET. This setup is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of divers seeking precision, reliability, and uncompromised performance.

In-Depth Analysis and Features:

Optimized Oxygen Compatibility

This set is specifically designed for use with 40% O2, catering perfectly to recreational divers who prioritize safety and reliability. Its configuration is ideal for those wishing to explore the underwater world with the assurance of optimal oxygen delivery.

First Stage R2 TEC Durability

The engineered resilience of the I stage R2 TEC ensures it withstands the rigors of frequent diving, providing a steadfast flow of air in various conditions. Its robust design is a testament to Tecline’s commitment to durability and reliability.

Second Stage TEC1: A Benchmark for Comfort

The II stage TEC1 regulator is at the forefront of ergonomic design, minimizing jaw fatigue with its ease of breathing. Its advanced technology ensures a smooth, effortless breath, enhancing the diver’s experience by allowing them to focus on the adventure at hand.

Proflex Hoses for Unmatched Flexibility

The inclusion of a 1.00m LP Proflex black hose and a 0.20m HP Proflex black hose is significant. These hoses offer unparalleled routing flexibility and durability, ensuring a seamless connection to the SPG for precise monitoring of tank pressure.

Tecline Bag for Organization and Protection

The attention to detail extends to the Tecline bag, designed for the convenience of storage and transport. This protective case underscores the brand’s holistic approach to providing solutions that cater to the diver’s needs.

Specialist Perspective:

From a specialist’s viewpoint, the TECLINE REGULATOR R2 TEC1 WITH SPG, STAGE SET is more than just equipment; it’s a diver’s lifeline that combines innovative technology with user-centric design. Its compatibility with 40% O2 makes it a standout choice for divers who prioritize safety and want a regulator set that delivers under various diving environments.

Whether you’re navigating the intricate ecosystems of coral reefs or the serene silence of a shipwreck, this regulator set guarantees a reliable, comfortable breath control, allowing you to immerse fully in the diving experience. It reflects an understanding of the diver’s need for gear that’s not only functional but also enhances their underwater journey.

In essence, choosing the TECLINE REGULATOR R2 TEC1 WITH SPG, STAGE SET is an investment in your diving adventures. It ensures that every dive is approached with confidence, supported by the reliability and performance that only Tecline can provide. Dive in with Tecline, and discover a world of unmatched exploration and adventure.


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