Tecline Regulator R2 Tec1 Semitec I Set With SPG

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The set consists of:

  • I stage R2 TEC
  • II stage TEC1 x 2
  • SPG 52mm
  • 2x bolt-snap 88mm
  • Tecline bag


  • LP 1,93m Proflex black
  • LP 0,61m Proflex black
  • HP 0,60m proflex black


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Discover Unmatched Underwater Performance:

Elevate your diving experience with the TECLINE REGULATOR R2 TEC1 SEMITEC I SET WITH SPG, designed meticulously for the discerning diver seeking unparalleled reliability and precision in a single-tank configuration. This premium regulator set combines advanced technology with user-friendly features, ensuring a seamless and safe dive every time. Perfect for both new enthusiasts and seasoned professionals who refuse to compromise on quality.

Key Features:

Single Tank Mastery

Optimized for a single-tank setup, the SEMITEC I set offers a streamlined, efficient diving experience. Dive with ease, knowing every component is engineered for balance, reliability, and performance.

First & Second Stage Excellence

At the heart of this set lies the I stage R2 TEC, known for its robustness and consistent airflow. Paired with two II stage TEC1 regulators, expect effortless breathing and reduced jaw fatigue, enhancing your underwater adventures.

Precision Monitoring with SPG 52mm

Stay informed of your gas levels with the included SPG 52mm. Its precise readings and durable design ensure you always have critical information at your glance, allowing for a safer, more controlled dive.

High-Quality Hoses for Flexibility & Durability

The set includes high-performance Proflex hoses (LP 1.93m, LP 0.61m, HP 0.60m in black), renowned for their flexibility and toughness. These hoses are designed to withstand the demands of deep exploration while providing optimal air delivery.

Secure Attachment with Bolt-Snaps

Two 88mm bolt-snaps ensure your gear stays securely fastened, offering peace of mind so you can focus on the beauty of the underwater world.

Organized and Protected

Keep your regulator set neatly organized and protected in the included Tecline bag. Whether you’re traveling to exotic dive locations or storing your gear, this bag is your set’s perfect companion.

Certified and Trusted

Adhering to the stringent EN250A CE1463 standards, this regulator set meets the highest levels of safety and performance requirements. Dive with confidence, knowing you are equipped with gear that’s been rigorously tested and certified.

Embark on Your Next Dive Adventure

The TECLINE REGULATOR R2 TEC1 SEMITEC I SET WITH SPG is more than just a regulator set; it’s a commitment to enhancing your diving experience. Dive into your next underwater adventure with the confidence that comes from having top-tier equipment designed for reliability, safety, and performance. Order now and transform the way you explore the depths!

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