Tecline Regulator R2 Tec1 Set Ii & Octo And 2 Elements Console

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The set consists of:

  • I stage R2 TEC
  • II stage TEC1
  • II stage TEC1 OCTO
  • Console (SPG + depth gauge)
  • Tecline bag


  • LP 0,70m Proflex black
  • LP 0,90m Proflex yellow
  • HP 0,80m rubber black
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Dive into Excellence:

Introducing the TECLINE REGULATOR R2 TEC1 SET II, a complete regulator system designed for the single cylinder diver who demands nothing less than precision, reliability, and versatility. This superb set is engineered to elevate your diving experience, blending advanced technology with user-centric design to deliver unparalleled performance under the sea.

Key Components and Benefits:

Core Performance with I Stage R2 TEC

The heart of this set, the I stage R2 TEC, is renowned for its robust construction and consistent high performance, ensuring a steady flow of air in all conditions.

Effortless Breathing with II Stage TEC1

Including not just one, but two II stage TEC1 regulators, this set offers a primary and an alternate air source (OCTO) with unbeatable ease of breathing, reducing jaw fatigue and enhancing your dive experience.

Comprehensive Dive Data with 2 Elements Console

Stay informed and safe with the inclusion of a two-elements console, featuring a reliable SPG and depth gauge. These vital instruments provide clear, immediate insights into your air supply and dive depth, essential for any dive.

Flexible and Durable Hose Configuration

Equipped with high-quality Proflex hoses for your primary (LP 0.70m, black) and alternate air source (LP 0.90m, yellow), and a sturdy rubber hose (HP 0.80m, black) for the console, ensuring optimal arrangement and durability.

Convenient Tecline Bag

All this equipment comes neatly packed in a Tecline bag, offering easy transport and protection for your regulator set, ensuring it stays organized and ready for your next dive.

Certified for Confidence

With certification according to EN250A CE1463, this set meets the highest standards for underwater breathing systems, giving you peace of mind to enjoy your diving adventures fully.

Dive with the Best

The TECLINE REGULATOR R2 TEC1 SET II WITH OCTO AND 2 ELEMENTS CONSOLE is more than just a set of regulators; it’s a commitment to quality and safety. Designed for divers who demand the best, this comprehensive setup ensures you can focus on the beauty of the underwater world, backed by the reliability and performance of Tecline. Add this premium regulator set to your dive gear today and experience diving as it was meant to be: effortless, safe, and exhilarating.

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