Diving Trip Hemmor

The proposed trip is to the great Hemmoor quarry in Germany, near Hamburg.

There's the opportunity to do many interesting dives as it is a large site with depths of up to 60m and visibility up to 20m.

During the trip there's a chance to obtain Advanced Nitrox Diver certification with decompression up to 45m.

Date: March 7-10th 2024

Accommodations in 6-person house:

  • kitchen with full equipment
  • 2 bedrooms - single beds
  • 1 bedroom - double bed
  • showers
  • sauna
  • drying room for equipment
HEMMOOR 2024338326325_747715953731202_6798860486488057938_n
HEMMOOR 2024338192672_189642617163867_2822432048930935990_n
HEMMOOR 2024338161215_175041834958016_3075928502579994724_n
HEMMOOR 2024337703203_702279291900926_1364195463662581139_n
HEMMOOR 2024338826618_241089058334811_187447328095104724_n
HEMMOOR 2024338756009_2124333071098479_4042062202095493042_n


  • Accommodation €100-€120 per person for 4 days (price depends on the number of people in house)
  • Diving pass €20 per day / €51 for the weekend
  • €12 for bedding for 3 days
  • Administration fee £50 (not for those who pay for membership)


  • Medical certificate
  • Sidemount/Twinset or single cylinder with two first stages

Additional costs:

  • Transport to the location (car or flight to Hamburg)
  • Food