Trip to Malta - on boat trip

In June 2023, I had the incredible pleasure of organizing a diving trip to the Maltese wrecks. It was an unforgettable time full of emotions and adventures, organized by No Gravity Divers diving school.

The first wreck we had the honor to visit was P29. It was a sunken tugboat known for its exceptional location. We immersed ourselves around the ruins of this impressive ship and had the opportunity to admire this extraordinary structure, which has now become home to a diverse underwater life.

The next wreck we had the opportunity to visit was Rozi - a passenger ship specially sunken for tourism purposes. The appearance of this wreck was truly impressive. We could see all the details, such as propellers, the captain's bridge, and even corridors and cabins. It was an amazing experience to not only feel the history of this place but also see how the marine ecosystem has taken over this wreck. Despite its age, Rozi still exuded its beauty and uniqueness.

The next goal of our expedition was diving on the Um el Faroud wreck. This sunken tanker was truly impressive up close. Immersing ourselves around it made us feel like we were in a different dimension. We saw all the walls, tanks, and structures that were once part of this massive ship. Even after years of sinking, Um el Faroud looked magnificent, confirming how durable and resilient human-made structures can be.

Our time spent in Malta was truly exceptional. Diving on wrecks is not only a fascinating experience but also a journey into history and discovering the hidden mysteries of the underwater world. Thanks to the professionalism and experience of the instructors from No Gravity Divers, everything was done safely and efficiently, allowing us to focus on the true joy and pleasure that diving on wrecks brings.

In conclusion, the diving expedition on the Maltese wrecks was an unforgettable experience. Discovering the secrets and beauty of the underwater world, diving around sunken ships was something exceptional.

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